Quality Commitment

quality commitment

Jerico Plastic maintains a quality commitment toward maintaining a high standard of quality in all products and processes.

Ongoing improvements are a priority in all areas of our business, starting with custom compounding capabilities and carrying over to laboratory testing, color matching and QA programs. Each aspect of our production is designed with your critical needs in mind.

  • Lab equipment duplicates production capabilities
  • Molding capabilities at both plants
  • Color capabilities
  • Powder testing
  • Melt testing
  • Impact testing

Your resin purchase culminates with timely delivery. Our goal is to exceed your quality expectations in every way, from your quote to placing an order, to delivery of quality compounds. At Jerico, we believe that great partnerships are fostered through mutual trust and accountability and we look forward to demonstrating that to each customer at every opportunity.

Click or call today to review your specific plastic compounding needs. We believe Jerico will become your new partner in success.

Continuous Improvement

We demonstrate our quality commitment and dedication to our customers through continuous improvement and forward thinking in:

  • Enhancing customer support
  • Upgrading business software
  • Increasing extrusion and blending capacity
  • Expanding supplier relationships
  • Developing new compounds for moldability, impact, stiffness, the environment, and flame resistance