Adhesion Compounds

Chemical bonding shows superior lasting strength!

Bond between interior surface and foam
adhesion compound
Maintains the integrity of corners
Can be incorporated into currently produced color or effects
Bright, consistent colors from lot to lot with almost any match possible

J-Bond Functionalized Polyethylene Resin

The J-Bond material line was developed by Jerico to meet market demands for increased bond strength between PE and insulating foams. J-Bond provides targeted functionalization that won’t affect the external surface behavior.

The adhesion is achieved chemically with no need for a rough interior surface to crreate added mechanical attachment points. J-Bond delivers up to 100% adhesion with only slight temperature modifications to standard cycles. 

Properties and Benefits 
  • Single-drop product that produces up to 100% adhesion to insulating foams but not to molds
  • Density range: 0.930-0.940 g/cm3 with melt ranges of 5-8 g/10min
  • Exceptional color consistency and clarity
  • Easy processability
  • FDA compliance in addition to a variety of others
  • Chemical bonding won’t degrade over time as opposed to mechanical options
  • Produces bond between interior surface and foam that resists release over time
  • The bond strength is sufficient to maintain the integrity of corners and various designs through cycles of expansion/contraction
  • Can be incorporated into any currently produced color or effects
  • Produces bright and consistent colors from lot to lot with almost any color match possible

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