Jerico Plastic Mission Statement

At Jerico Plastic Industries, we will provide a quality product, exceptional service and deliver excellence in every aspect of our business.

Custom Color Compounds & Formulations from Jerico

Jerico Plastic Industries, Inc. is committed to excellence in rotational molding and custom compounding. We have earned a strong reputation for being service-oriented and quality-minded in every area of our custom compounding business. The core mission of Jerico is developing custom compounds and formulations for the specialty applications of our rotational and injection molding customers, large and small. Our primary focus is meeting the needs of our customers and partners.

custom compounds, planter pots


Lawn & Garden

Jerico Plastic compounds are used to mold oversized planters and pots like these, as well as other outdoor containers for the lawn & garden industry. We custom formulate compounds to meet color and other material requirements.

custom compound colors


Colors & Special Effects

Jerico Plastic provides custom colored and specialty compounds, as well as special effects compounds for a variety of applications.

custom special effects compounds


Sports & Recreation

Jerico Plastic blends specialty color compounds like the pink compound used in this pet carrier for breast cancer awareness.