Serving Rotational Molding Companies

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Throughout North America Since 1997.

Experienced with engineered resins and rotomolding compounding, Jerico founder Steve Copeland recognized the need for a compounding company that would focus on the specific needs found in modern rotational molding.

Copeland had plenty of experience with compounding specialized resins for rotational molding applications. His first exposure to rotomolding was in 1985, when he was a product manager for a large compounding manufacturer, who started distributing natural polyethylene for rotational molding. As product manager for 12 years he was involved with product development, sales and marketing of Polyethylene (PE) compounds, flame retardant compounds and rotational molding Polypropylene (PP).

In the mid-90s, Copeland decided to build a company to address the growing compounding and service needs he witnessed in the expanding rotational molding industry.

Steve, his wife, Brenda, and a third partner launched Jerico Plastic Industries, Inc. in 1997, purchasing their first facility in the Fall of that year. From this 40,000 sq. ft., plant located in Greensboro, GA Jerico began by supplying compounded colors and reprocessed black PE compounds in the U.S.

Three years later, in 2000, Jerico opened a second plant in Uniontown, PA to better serve the Midwest and Eastern part of the U.S. Before long, Jerico outgrew that building and moved operations to a 53,000 sq. ft. facility in Minerva, Ohio.

The company currently offers a broader range of compounds including rotational molding PP, cross-linkable PE, flame retardant PE and special-effects PE compounds. Working with customers in North America, Jerico is continuing to build upon these products. We have become one of the largest suppliers in the U.S. for flame retardant Polyethylene used in rotational molding applications.

Jerico has grown from a start-up company to being a supplier of materials to various rotational molding companies of all sizes. In the year 2015, we will supply over a million pounds of special effect materials to the North American rotational molding market. The applications range from hot tubs to electrical housings.